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How To Fix Burnt Popcorn Smells In Microwave

If you own a microwave, the chances are high you will experience burned popcorn, whether you do it or someone else. The stench can linger for hours after the popcorn burns.  When you open the door, you will usually find brownish debris from the popcorn, which causes the smell. You don't have to replace the microwave. Clean the burnt popcorn smell from your microwave by following these tips. Apply Vinegar Steam Treatment Read More 

When Your Dishwasher Rots Your Kitchen Floor: How To Address This Issue

Proper installation of a dishwasher should never result in leaks or water damage. If you are experiencing this issue, you need to contact the contractor that installed the dishwasher. He or she should be willing to correct the problem. If you are experiencing these issues in less than a month from installation, your service call should be free. If you are unaware of leaks, and these leaks rot out your kitchen floor, here is how to address this serious issue. Read More 

Three Easy Washing Machine Fixes You Need To Know About

If you're like most people, you don't give your washing machine machine much thought until it malfunctions — and when that happens, it has the potential to throw your entire life into disarray. Loading up the car with dirty laundry and heading for the nearest laundromat is time consuming as well as highly inconvenient, especially if you don't live in an urban location with a commercial laundromat located every few blocks or so. Read More 

Is Your Fridge Running Out Of Liquid Refrigerant?

Having a working refrigerator in your home gives you the ability to purchase perishable foods and keep them fresh over a specified period of time. The cool environments created within your fridge and freezer are made possible by a liquid refrigerant that runs throughout a closed system in the appliance. While most homeowners don't think to check the status of the liquid refrigerant, any loss of this liquid could render your fridge useless. Read More 

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Spending Less On Appliances

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