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How To Fix Burnt Popcorn Smells In Microwave

If you own a microwave, the chances are high you will experience burned popcorn, whether you do it or someone else. The stench can linger for hours after the popcorn burns. 

When you open the door, you will usually find brownish debris from the popcorn, which causes the smell. You don't have to replace the microwave. Clean the burnt popcorn smell from your microwave by following these tips.

Apply Vinegar Steam Treatment

To clean the smell, gather:

  • paper towels
  • microwave-safe bowl or mug
  • apple cider vinegar
  • fresh lemon
  • kitchen knife
  • vanilla extract
  • baking soda
  • coffee grounds (optional)
  • dryer sheets (optional)
  • scrub brush 

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic which eats through the burnt area. Fill a microwave-safe bowl or mug with cider vinegar to about two winches, and heat it until it boils, which may take three to five minutes.  Let it stand for ten to fifteen minutes with the door closed to help spread steam.

Use an oven mitt to remove the mug or bowl, and wipe the surface, including trays, with a paper towel. Scrub stubborn particles with a scrub brush, rinse and dry with clean paper towels.

Use Lemon Water

Alternately, .squeeze the juice from a lemon cut in quarters in two cups of water. Lay the cut pieces in the water. 

Heat the bowl or mug until the liquid gets hot, which usually takes three minutes, then let it sit with the door closed five to ten minutes. Remove the bowl, and wipe the interior. For stubborn particles, dip a cloth in the lemon water, and wipe the interior.

Remove Lingering Odors

If the smell still lingers in the microwave, dampen a sponge in vinegar, add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda.  Warm the sponge for twenty seconds, and scrub the interior. Leaving a box of baking soda in the microwave all night is another way to remove odors.

Mix one-fourth cup of water and two tablespoons of fresh coffee grounds in a mug. Warm the mixture on high for three minutes, and let it remain in the microwave with the door closed for five minutes.  

Eliminate the burn smell from the room by dipping a cloth in vinegar, and waving it around the room. The vinegar smell should vanish in a day or two.

Heat a small amount of vanilla at 300 degrees in the oven. Simply warming a pleasant food in the microwave like a chocolate dessert or cheese can mask smells.

Sometimes, smells get trapped in the vents, which are impossible to clean. To fix this, tape dryer sheets to them until the smell vanishes. Contact a company, like Capital City Appliance, for more help.

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