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2 Simple Signs Your Washing Machine Is In Distress

Laundry may not be one of your most pleasant chores, but it is considered one of the most important chores. From washing your family's clothes to cleaning linens, such as bedding and towels, having an appliance that completes this task in an effective and efficient manner is imperative. Unfortunately, washing machines do experience a great deal of stress due to their constant use. By learning the signs of distress, you will know your washing machine needs some sort of repair.

Loud Noises

It is important to remember that your washing machine will make noise during operation. These noises can be a swishing, spinning, and even a light grinding as your clothes and linens move through the different wash cycles. However, if your washing machine is making excessively loud noises, such as banging or grinding, there may be a few issues to address.

A loud banging could stem from a few issues. If you have placed too many clothes and linens into the washing machine, it may be off-balance. When you hear this loud banging, stop the washing machine and move the clothes around to redistribute weight inside the tub.

Remember to never stuff clothes and linens into the tub. This will reduce the risk of the load become unbalanced, but it will also protect your motor from serious distress.

If you are hearing a loud grinding sound, there is most likely an issue with the washing machine's motor. The motor may be starting to wear out, requiring a replacement.

Leaking Water

A leaking washing machine can be more problematic than you think. While the leak is preventing your washing machine from washing properly, the leak can also lead to expensive water damage under and around your appliance in addition to mold growth.

Fortunately, water leaking from the washer is most always due to a problem in one of the hoses. You should check the hoses in the back of your washing machine for signs of distress. Even small holes or tears in the hose can lead to big, costly leaks.

Make sure the hoses are secured to the washing machine, as well. If the connections are loose, small amounts of water will start to leak out slowly, soaking into the floors and walls around your washing machine.

A washing machine that is working properly will not only clean your clothes. It will be able to clean your clothes evenly and in a manner that does not waste energy or water. If your washer is showing the above signs, contact a washer repair service.

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