Spending Less On Appliances

3 Appliance Problems That Can Increase Your Electric Bill

If your electric bill seems to be higher than it should be, even though you are careful about how much electricity you and your family members use, you may want to investigate several of your electric appliances to see if you can find the culprit. Sometimes, appliances use more electricity than they should—even though they seem to work fine. Here are 3 appliance problems that could cause your electric bill to increase and how to fix them. Read More 

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Spending Less On Appliances

How much money have you spent fixing appliances? If you are like most people, you might find yourself trying to decide between living with a new appliance quirk, or calling a professional who can fix it the first time around. However, you don't have to let a broken appliance ruin your day. By understanding how to take care of your stuff, you can avoid problems that can run your finances into the ground. I have been a homeowner for the past thirty years, and I know how to keep refrigerators, dishwashers, and trash compactors alive and well. Read my page to find out more!


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