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Six Mistakes That Will Cost You More on Washer and Dryer Repairs

Repair costs for your laundry appliances can add up quickly if you don't use your machines in such a way that you minimize repair needs. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners make simple mistakes that lead to washer and dryer repair needs that are more frequent than they need to be.

The following are six mistakes you can avoid to minimize the washer and dryer repair costs of your household.

1. Handling small loads rather than large loads

Your washer and dryer tend to work about as hard and experience as much wear and tear on small loads as they do on large loads. If you fill up your machines when you use them and avoid putting only small loads in, you'll get more use out of them for the wear and tear you're causing.

2. Always machine drying rather than air drying

Whenever you can air dry rather than machine dry, do it. Air drying won't cause any wear on the mechanical components of your dryer. Air drying when possible won't just be good for giving your dryer a break, but it could also extend the life of your clothing.

3. Neglecting to clean out your lint filter promptly

Don't underestimate the importance of regularly cleaning out your lint filter when it comes to keeping your dryer operating properly. A clogged up lint filter will restrict air flow. This can damage your dryer over time and even create a dangerous fire hazard. Make sure you clean out your lint filter after every use.

4. Neglecting routine maintenance

Your washer and dryer need to be periodically maintained to remain in optimal condition. Maintenance tasks to keep up on include cleaning debris off of coils, replacing worn hoses, cleaning the machine interior, and cleaning dust out of vents. 

5. Not replacing old machines when necessary

If you continue to use an old and outdated machine, it's probably going to cost you more than it saves you in the long run. An old machine will be more likely to experience malfunctions frequently. Simply investing in a new washer or dryer when necessary will prevent frequent repair needs, reduce repair costs, and help your household to avoid many unpleasant headaches. 

6. Washing clothing with excessive frequency

The more you use any appliance, the more quickly it's going to start to malfunction. By only using your washer when it's absolutely necessary, you will keep your washer in better shape longer and reduce wear and tear on your washer over time. This means you'll save on repair needs.

Contact a business like Collier County Appliance Service, Inc., for more information about caring for your washer and dryer or for assistance with repairs.

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